Our Story

Our journey begins in the rich soils of Guatemala, where we discovered the magic of cacao.

Inspired by its extraordinary health benefits, we founded Rigello to share this gift
with the world.

With every seed we plant and every harvest we reap, we strive to honor the land and the people who make our organic superfoods possible.

We share our story – from our farms to you – because to us,

stories are meant to be tasted.

What Makes Us Different

  • Farm-to-Consumer Approach

    Rigello's dedication to premium cacao is reflected in its farm-to-consumer strategy, emphasizing taste, principled cultivation, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

  • 100 % Traceability and Transparency

    Through its supply chain ownership, Rigello ensures 100% traceability, managing the cacao process for quality, sustainability, and social responsibility

  • Sustainable Community Collaboration

    Rigello prioritizes eco-friendly methods, collaborates with communities for fair treatment, and strives to improve living conditions.

Our Products

From Seed To You

Each step is essential in creating the distinct flavor and texture of each product. By carefully controlling each step of the process, we can create high-quality products that can be used in a variety of ways.

Learn every step of the process below:

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